About us

There is no greater satisfaction than to receive a compliment from a customer who values a high protein meal and who appreciates the hand-crafted deliverance of a fresh and flavorful quality product from my USDA approved butchery to your dinner table. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce this high quality which is unequaled in comparison to the large factory orientated food chains. I pay close attention to the genetic selection criteria based on tenderness, marbling, shear force, age, breed and leanest of meat. The combination of these traits produce the highest protein values of choice prime cuts.

When choosing a sausage or one of my Premium Elite meat products, please pay close attention to the labeling in comparison to others and you will notice a distinct and important difference in the variance of Protein to Carb ratio.

Premium Elite Foods excels in the freshness of our hand-selected meat products. I use USA produced beef, which is inspected at my butchery by the USDA. You need not be concerned that your expensive meal has been imported from another country, thawed and processed to achieve the cheapest price at the highest possible profit margin.

Your family’s nutrition and the value you receive per dollar invested is extremely important to me. I am dedicated to providing you with the best handmade product which is produced with love and passion and made “one at a time”.

Thank you for your raving reviews for my Protein Beef Slices (30% P) and Protein Beef Sticks (28% P). It is pleasing to hear that you are enjoying a highly nutritious beef snack with no artificial additives and flavoring as found in other products.

It is my privilege to tickle your taste buds with a flavorful, robust and quality product. My goal is to continue serving you at your dinner table.

Sincerely,  Buck Buchanan


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