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learn more about us

Welcome to Buck’s BBQ & Burgers!

The very best of American and South African Barbeque unites with a brilliant fusion of imported spices, unique flavors and astonishing cuisine.

I was born and raised in Bloemfontein, South Africa. After completion of my studies, I entered the Bovine Genetic Industry in 1985. During my career, I was blessed to market bovine and porcine genetics to 26 countries in 3 continents. (America, Asian Pacific and Africa.)

There is no greater satisfaction than to receive a compliment from a customer who values a high protein meal and who appreciates the hand-crafted deliverance of a fresh and flavorful quality product from my approved butchery to your dinner table. In the beef industry, genetic selection is focused on the transmitting ability to offspring of many traits, including Marbling, Ribeye areas, Tenderness, Shear Force, Leanness of cuts etc.

At Buck’s BBQ & Burgers, we support our farmers and use American Beef and Hogs. No meats are imported from another country, frozen, thawed and processed. Our prices are very reasonable, and our quality is above exceptional.

Time taken to prepare and smoke our Beef Brisket and Pork is 14 Hours, Smoked Pulled Chicken is 5 Hours, Smoked Ribs is 10 Hours, Smoked Kebabs in marinade is 48 Hours. Average time spent on our home-made sides is approximately 2 Hours. Hamburgers are 100% beef with no additives or fillers. All sauces are home-made. The list goes on.

Your family’s nutrition and the value you receive is extremely important to us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best handmade products which is produced with love and passion, made with great attention to detail and smoked to perfection.

It is our privilege to tickle your taste buds with a flavorful, robust and quality product.

Buck Buchanan

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