droewors & biltong

droewors & biltong


Protein Beef Slices & Sticks Better than jerky

This tradition spans over 4 centuries. As such, our family’s highly nutritious recipe has been passed down for generations. My supreme “On-the-Go” flavored Protein Beef Slices (Biltong or Droewors) is made from USDA approved beef. I personally select the highest graded premium cuts of beef which is cured, air dried and spiced to maximum perfection at my inspected butchery.

This delicacy is made in the USA from USA produced beef. It is completely natural, deeply flavored with exotic spices, and is simply delicious!

Premium Elite's "Protein Beef Stick" is a highly nutritious snack which is perfect to serve for all active people who are on the Go!

This is a popular item so call ahead or email us to place your order or reservation!