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Protein Beef Slices Better than jerky

This tradition spans over 4 centuries. As such, our family’s highly nutritious recipe has been passed down for generations. My supreme “On-the-Go” flavored Protein Beef Slices (Biltong or Droewors) is made from USDA approved beef. I personally select the highest graded premium cuts of beef which is cured, air dried and spiced to maximum perfection at my inspected butchery.

This delicacy is made in the USA from USA produced beef. It is completely natural, deeply flavored with exotic spices, and is simply delicious!

Premium Elite's "Protein Beef Stick" is a highly nutritious snack which is perfect to serve for all active people who are on the Go!

This is a popular item so call ahead or email us to place your order or reservation!

Main Menu


1lb of Smoked Wings Carefully seasoned with our signature "bird rub" then smoked till crispy and tender $9

Loaded Pulled Pork FriesFourteen hour smoked and pulled Pork on top of crispy fries, smothered with homemade melted cheese and BBQ (Substitute Brisket for +$2) $6

App Sampler2 Chicken Tenders, 4 Mozzarella Sticks, 6 Onion Rings $8

3 Street TacosYour choice of Smoked meat, rice, pickled slaw, Smoked tomato & Pineapple salsa $6


Meals include 1 side and drink.

Topping Choices: American | Cheddar | Swiss | Grilled Onions | Lettuce | Tomato | Jalapenos | BBQ Sauce | Ketchup | Mayo | Mustard

Buck's Burger $6

Double Buck Burger $9

Specialty Burgers

The Oinker
1/4lb patty with 14hr Smoked pulled pork, grilled onions, coleslaw, pickles, American Cheese, BBQ

The Four B's
1/4lb patty with 14hr Smoked Beef Brisket, gilled onions, Cheddar cheese, pickles, BBQ sauce and coleslaw

Baby's Got Back
1/4lb patty with 10hr smoked and succulent Rib Meat pulled hot off the bone, with grilled onions, mushrooms, pickles, Swiss cheese BBQ sauce

The Rodeo
1/4lb patty with grilled onions, jalapenos, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, onion rings, mayo, BBQ

Black and Blue
1/4lb patty dusted with Cajun seasoning, blue cheese, mustard, mayo, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato

Spicy Black Bean Burger
Zesty vegetarian patty with cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato and mayo


Smoked BBQ Bowls
Pulled Chicken served over a bed of rice with one side of your choice $8.50

Pulled Pork served over a bed of rice with one side of your choice $9.75

Beef Brisket served over a bed of rice with one side of your choice $10.75

Rib Meat served over a bed of rice with one side of your choice $9.75

Keto Combo (no bun)
Choice of 1/3lb of PUlled Chicken or Pulled Port or Rib Meat or Beef Brisket, one side of choice (no bun) $10

Sampler Plate
1/4lb Pulled Pork + Beef Brisket + Pulled Chicken +2 Bones of Ribs = $19

Family Meal
1lb of your choice of Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket or Pulled Chicken, + 2lbs Homemade Sides + 4 Buns + BBQ Sauce = $40

Smoked Sandwiches

Pulled Pork
Boston Butts encrusted withour signature "pig rub", smoked for fourteen hours, pulled to perfection and served on a lightly sauced and toasted brioche bun $6.75

Pulled Chicken
Braised overnight and lightly smoked Chicken Breast, juicy & tender chicken served on a lightly sauced and toasted brioche bun $6.00

Rib Meat
Braised overnight and boldly smoked rib meat, pulled off the bone & chopped, served on a lightly sauced and toasted brioche bun $8.00

Certified Angus Beef Brisket trimmed by the Pit Master & Chef, seasoned with our signature "beef rub", smoked for 14 hours, sliced thin and served on a lightly sauced and toasted brioche bun $8.75

kids combo meals

2 Wings + 2 Mozzarella + 1 Tender $5

2 Tenders + Fries + Drink $5

1 BBQ Slider + Fries + Drink $6

sides $2.75

All sides are homemade!

Seasoned Fries

Meaty Baked Beans

Battered Onion Rings

Gourmet Corn Bread

Perfect Mac & Cheese

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Grandma's Green Beans

Sweet & Creamy Coleslaw

Sweet Bread Hawaiian Rolls

Smashed Potatoes & Cheese Sauce

All Sides by the Pound $9

daily specials

drink specials


Domestic Beer and White Claw

Domestic Beer $2.50
Bucket of 4 for $8

White claw for $3
3 for $10